Ep 31 - Trevor Ariza Trade Reaction

December 15, 2018

Trevor Ariza was traded to the Washington Wizards the moment he was eligible and in typical Suns fashion, it was not without some drama! 

Max & David go through the events as they broke on Twitter, one by one, to debrief how emotions changed from the initial story to the evantual trade. The Brooks drama, Austin Rivers being the centerpiece, Sarver blocking a Lakers deal and much, much more.

Finally, the guys talk about what the final deal will actually mean for the Suns on the court and give their final thoughts on whether it was the right deal to make. 


03:41 - The Initial Woj Bomb
07:00 - Rivers & Role Players Reported 
10:55 - The Brooks Debacle 
19:10 - The Deal Is Dead 
21:15 - Sarver Kills The LAL Deal 
25:23 - The Eventual Trade Evaluation
37:52 - Austin Rivers 
46:43 - The Suns Rotation 
57:57 - Sign Off/Did You Know 


Ep 30 - Replay Of Interview With Jack McCallum

December 8, 2018

With no new episode this week, we look back on the 2 part interview with Jack McCallum. 

David is joined by Jack, who wrote a book 12 years ago about the 7SOL Phoenix Suns team. David & Jack cover the book through their 05/06 season, including a dramatic Playoff run. In 2 parts, they cover all the main hitting points through interesting quotes from the book. Jack tells some great stories and gives great insight into the franchise at the time. 



Ep 29 - November Wrap Up (PHX + NBA Awards)

December 2, 2018

Max and David discuss the month of November, while the last game of the month is taking place versus the Orlando Magic. After recapping the results from the week and month, discussion moves quickly to rumors around a pair of PGs: Markelle Fultz & Frank Ntilikina. The Canaan cut, TJ/Booker injuries and the City jerseys are all mentioned at the top of the show. 

Then onto the Awards! Using the same framework as October, the guys dish out this month's awards for the second time this season. Twelve nominations lead to plenty of discussion about the Suns recent play. 

David gives the latest "Did You Know" story, before some unofficial league awards - good and bad. Max's turn to then ask three "Seven Seconds Or Less" questions to end the show.


02:35 - Recap & News (Ntilikina/Fultz? + Injuries + Canaan)
18:10 - MVP - The Suns Player Of The Month
23:10 - ROY - The Best Rookie Moment In Nov?
27:55 - MIP - Who Was The Biggest Surprise? 
33:15 - DPOY - Which Player Was Down This Month?
37:05 - 6MOY - Who Should Play More Next Month? 
41:45 - Did You Know 
47:20 - Around The Association Awards 
1:04:30 - 7 Seconds Or Less


Ep 28 - Pistons Live Review + A Mixed Bag

November 26, 2018

Episode 28 starts out with a difference, with Max & David watching the final term of the Pistons game while recording. While they didn't get lucky with a finish like the Bucks game, the guys still discuss the key topics from the game as it happens. 

As the game ends, some broader questions emerge from the overall Suns landscape plus some even broader General NBA topics & questions are discussed. Finally, David mashes up Did You Know with Seven Seconds or Less this week, to end a slightly different episode to usual.


01:06 - Pistons Live Review
19:39 - Was Brown's Hit On Doncic Dirty?
21:30 - What To Do With Josh Jackson?
27:26 - Where Is The Young Core Going?
32:45 - Who's The Real MVP?
39:19 - Should Phoenix Trade For Beal?
50:35 - Did You Know / 7 Seconds Or Less


Ep 27 - Listener Mailbag + More

November 17, 2018

Max and David return for Episode 27 with an hour dedicated to the listeners. After recapping the last week quickly, Max reads out the 39th podcast review.

Then, a giant Mailbag episode. Immediate Suns questions, longer term Suns questions, a little bit of rapid fire and some general NBA too. All with the usual Did You Know and Seven Seconds Or Less segments thrown in. The guys cover all the main Suns topics of the moment & more. 

In an episode curated by the 7SOL listeners, the episode ends with a few more shout outs to those reviewing the show. 



02:30 - Week Recap & A Listener Review
04:20 - Immediate Suns Questions 
24:00 - Long Term Suns Questions
45:30 - Rapid Fire Suns Questions
48:15 - Did You Know?
54:00 - General NBA Questions 
1:06:50 - 7 Seconds Or Less
1:11:30 - More Listener Reviews


Ep 26 - Boston Recap + Predicting The Future

November 10, 2018

Max and David break up Episode 26 into three main segments: recapping the Boston game, acting like the General Manager of Phoenix and taking a sneak peak at the 2019 Draft Class. 

After dissecting the OT loss to Boston and discussing what went wrong, the guys put on their GM hats and outline how they would navigate the next few years as the man in charge of the Suns. Starting with immediate changes, the guys run through four main stages of building this team into a potential contender. 

Then comes the usual Did You Know segment, followed by a quick look at the top prospects in the 2019 Draft Class and which teams they might fit best with next season. Finally, David asks Max three 7SOL questions surrounding Coach Igor. 


03:27 - Breaking Down The Boston Game
18:25 - What Would You Do As General Manager?
40:45 - Did You Know?
45:45 - 2019 Draft: Perfect Match
1:05:51 - 7 Seconds Or Less


Ep 25 - October Awards With Mike Vigil

November 4, 2018

Max and David are joined by Mike Vigil of The Timeline Podcast. The guys start out by recapping the week that was and discussing the breaking news of Tyson Chandler's buyout with the team. 

Awards time! Following the traditional NBA award naming framework, awards for the month of October are discussed but with a few twists. Plus plenty of chat about recent Suns action. 

David tells Max and Mike a "Did You Know" awards story, before they all hand out some unofficial league awards - good and bad. Max's turn to then ask three ecletic "Seven Seconds Or Less" questions to end the show.


02:15 - Tyson Chandler Buy-Out
07:39 - 6MOY - Who Deserves To Play More? 
16:00 - DPOY - Who's Been The Most Disappointing? 
23:50 - MIP - Who Has Been The Biggest Surprise? 
27:46 - ROY - The Best Rookie Moment So Far?
32:46 - MVP - The Suns Player Of The Month
41:15 - Did You Know 
47:00 - Around The Association Awards 
57:53 - 7 Seconds Or Less


Ep 24 - Suns Week 1 Review + Around The NBA

October 27, 2018

Max and David review the first full week of Phoenix action. After the hot start, the Suns came crashing back down to earth. The guys dissect the three blowout losses, look at what went wrong and identify some small bright spots from early on.

David brings back "Did You Know" before they take a look around the league. Hot and cold teams, tracking their predictions and looking at the 2018 rookies. The guys then finish off with a customary round of "Seven Seconds Or Less".


04:35 - The Good & Bad of Devin Booker
11:30 - Are The Suns Missing A Leader? 
17:28 - Can't Defend The Indefensible
22:19 - Igor Struggling With Rotations
28:38 - The Suns Still Need A PG
37:14 - Hot Start For Deandre Ayton
40:25 - Did You Know
45:30 - Around The Association
56:02 - The '18 Draft Class
1:06:45 - 7 Seconds Or Less


Ep 23 - Season Opener Reactions

October 18, 2018

Max and David react to the incredible breath of fresh air that was Phoenix's 121-100 season opening victory over the Dallas Mavericks. They go over what they liked and didn't like from the performance. Spoiler alert: They liked many things.


Ep 22 - Season Predictions + Jack McCallum on 7SOL Part 2

October 13, 2018

Right before the new NBA season begins, Max and David get all their predictions on record. Starting with the six main end of season awards, the guys run through their Top 3 candidates for each and reasons why. Following this, the Eastern & Western Conference playoff teams and then the eventual final four matchups. 

David then runs Max through some fun unofficial awards that he likes to predict, before Part 2 of his Did You Know interview with Jack McCallum covering the 7SOL Suns through their final playoff matchups in the 05/06 season. 


Max re-joins David for an extended 7SOL segment of their own, where they each ask 5 rapid fire questions surrounding the current state of the Suns going into the fast approaching season.  


02:55 - Award Predictions
Including MVP, 6MOY (9:04), DPOY (15:22), MIP (18:44), COTY (24:45)
27:26 - Rookie Of The Year Predictions 
34:20 - Eastern Conference Playoffs 
39:30 - Western Conference Playoffs 
50:20 - Unofficial Award Predictions  
55:41 - Did You Know w/ Jack McCallum Part 2
1:17:45 - 7SOL: Extended Season Edition